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Heating appliances are forever changing

Image of a woman repairing a hot water radiator

Working with technology.
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Space Heating looks at traditional and ground-breaking ways of warming small areas like a room or a couple of rooms.

In the Central Boiler, Canada's role in advancing boiler technology is examined, while other articles look at challenges boiler manufacturers faced and the steps taken to overcome them.

Hot water and steam leaves the boiler in pipes that pass though devices called Radiators that were often ornate and sometimes beautiful pieces of iron or steel work. More recently plastic tubes accomplish the task in radiant heating systems.

Learn how Central Furnaces evolved from big and dirty wood- or mostly coal-fired heaters that happened to be stuck in the basement to today's sleek, highly efficient, computer-controlled devices.

Grilles and Registers used to make a fashion statement. Modern ones, it seems, would rather go unnoticed.

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Amazing space heating achievements

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